About US

iKunjani Travel & Tours is a women led Inbound /Outbound and Local Tour Operator providing tours to various tourism destinations and exclusive tours showcasing, the rich tapestry and cultural heritage of our beautiful South Africa and Africa. iKunjani Travel & Tours provides individual and group travel leisure client services and products provided by iKunjani Travel & Tours include – pre-arranged tours, customized tour packages according to client’s specifications, travel consultation, guided tours,Events and making reservations for lodging amongst other related services. 

We all about supporting local businesses and communities we work with. We all about responsible tourism, we pick you up and drop you off from your own destination. Preventing drinking and driving on our local roads taking you to your destination of choice.

Volunteer with us in our public schools and crèches, donate your time, skills, shoes, books,  school uniform , your expertise in your industry and other useful resources or the needs of the communities we work with.